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Sea shells

Sea shells

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If your up to a bit of a challenging turn we present to you sea shells in resin. While a slightly more difficult turn due to the hardness of shell the results are spectacular as you can see in the picture of the magnifying glass we made with one 

Blanks are made using alumilite clear and seashells pressure cast to 60psi. Price is per one blank 

due to the nature of shells you will come across small voids where the resin didn’t get into the shell this can simply be rectified with a little CA as you go 

We recommend using carbide for turning this but please note it will be hard on tooling 

blanks measure 7/8” X7/8” x5” minimum they usualy come out 1”x1”x5” 

picture is a representation of how the shell blanks can look tho they will vary from batch to batch based on shell availability 

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