The extra info you'll probably want to know! or not.. we wont tell you how to live your life


Where are we located:

Edmonton Alberta Canada!


What currency are our prices in?

Canadian dollars, however if your shopping outside of Canada i think shopify may automatically show pricing in your local currency but please don't quote me on that

 How we do things?

Our focus is to make unique, small batch turning blanks we cast in batches of 5 or 7 to keep things more unique for our customers and the finished items they produce with them. 

Shipping policy?

Our goal is to get things out to you as soon as possible, we strive to get your package to the post office the same day you order, If your order is in before 3pm mountain time well try and have it out same day!. ***Please Note, orders placed on Sundays or holidays will ship the following business day***

Custom work?

Heck ya well custom make what ever color combination of blanks you want just reach out to us, Best way is through social media or Email otcc-1@outlook.com


When do blanks drop?

We make blanks every day sometimes every other day, and then every Thursday we post a blank drop on our social media to show what's new and exciting or what weird stuff we have decided to try casting **Current blank drop schedule is every 2 weeks**


Anything else you need to know?

Reach out wed love to hear from you!!