Crochet hook project kit Instructions

What you need:

  • 7mm drill bit
  • blank of choice
  • barrel trimmer or sanding jig to square ends
  • Ca or epoxy to glue tube to blank
  • Finish of your choice
  • Bushings for this kit


  1. Drill a 7mm hole in your blank and glue in the tube
  2. Square the blank to the tube with your barrel trimmer or sanding jig depending what method you use.
  3. Turn to your desired shape on the lathe
  4. Apply a fish best suited to the blank you have chosen 



For assembly refer to the parts diagram below.

  1. On one end of your finished blank press in the cap and clip, there is a slight recess on the cap where the clip sits when you press together make sure this is lined up when pressing together
  2. For the other side, Slide the O-ring over the threaded hook holder piece until its sitting on the shoulder past the threads and screw the cap on completely then gently press this side into the other end of your blank

***For knurled style cap, O-ring is not required and isn’t included with the kit***

Please note: be careful when threading the cap and hook holder parts together so you don't cross thread