Penlight Project Kit Instructions

Penlight Kits Assembly Instructions

Required Accessories
􏰀 7mm,Pen Mandrel
􏰀 3 pcs.bushing set penlight bushings 
􏰀 12.5mm drill bit 
􏰀 universal squaring jig or a 7mm barrel trimmer with a trimming sleeve
􏰀 2 part epoxy glue or Insta Cure(cyanoacrylate) glue
􏰀 2*2*13CM long blank
􏰀 Use2AAAbatteries


Preparing the blanks
􏰀 Cut the blanks to the size of the brass tube (add 1/16” for trimming)
􏰀 Drill .492 (12.5mm) hole, through each blank.
􏰀 Glue each tube in the blank. Insert with a twisting motion to spread the glue evenly inside the blank.
􏰀 When the glue dries,use a universal squaring jig or a 7mm barrel trimmer with a trimming sleeve.
􏰀 Trim the wood down,flush to the brass tube.

 Turning the blanks
􏰀 Mount the bushings and blanks on the mandrel according to Diagram “B” (end bushings are the same)
􏰀 Turn the wood down, close the to size of the bushings. Sand the wood to the bushing diameter. 􏰀 Finish the wood with your choice of polish.

Assembly (See Diagram A)
Note: Layout finished parts acording to Diagram A
􏰀 Insert the front band over the coupler, press the coupler into the upper barrel.
􏰀 Press the center band into the opposite end of the upper barrel.
􏰀 Press the lower barrel into center band.
􏰀 Press the nut, recessed end in first into the opening at the lower barrel, press flush with the wood.
􏰀 Screw the click mechanism, spring in first into the nut
􏰀 Insert the clip over the exposed threads, slide the slotted band with the slot end in first. Align

with clip.
􏰀 Affix the plunger over the white stem. Thread the upper cap on. Be sure clip is seated in the slot.
􏰀 Drop 2 AAA batteries, plus side up, into the opening at the front end.
􏰀 Place the spring behind the bulb base, insert into bulb holder. Screw holder into front end of the Pen Light.
􏰀 The Pen Light is ready to operate by clicking on and off on the plunger.