Multi-Bit Screwdriver Project kit Turning Instructions

Multi-Bit Screwdriver Project Kit Assembly Instructions

• 7mm Pen Mandrel
• Drill bit 11.3mm
• Multi-Bit screwdriver bushing set 
• Barrel Trimming Set
• Glue (Thick CA or Epoxy)
Preparing the Blank
􏰀 Prepare a master blank of at least 3/4”  square, Cut to the length of the brass tube (add 1/16" for trimming).
􏰀 Drill a 11.3mm center hole through the blank.
􏰀 Glue the tube in the blank  using CA glue or epoxy, Spread the glue over the tube. Insert the tube into the blank with a twisting motion to spread the glue evenly. Center the tube inside the blank.
􏰀Sand or barrel trim to square the ends of the blank

Turning the Blanks (see Diagram Above)
• Mount 7mm spacer bushing on the mandrel, followed by the tip bushing; wide end first. Insert the blank. Follow with the cap bushing; narrow end first. Mount spacer bushing to fill the space to the threads on the mandrel. Screw on the knurled nut hand tight. Bring the tailstock in snug to the mandrel and tighten the knurled nut for turning. Do not overtighten the knurled nut, it may damage the mandrel.
• Turn the blank down close to the bushings. Follow with abrasives until the barrel diameters are flush with the bushings.
• Finish with your choice of polish.


(Line up finished parts according to Diagram above)
1. Press the clip into the cap and then press into the upper end of the barrel.

2. Press the tip into another end of the barrel.

3. Place the tool bit into the tip for use.

4. You screw the tip to change the tool bit you want.