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Panache Pen Kit

Panache Pen Kit

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Panache Pen Kit

We really like the design of this pen with its tapered and bold body. Uncapped it fits nicely in larger hands for writing and can stand on end when not in use. This kit is a great candidate for showing off what ever blank you chose to turn for it 

requires drill bits sized 12.5mm and 13/32 which can both be purchased separately. 

A minimum turning blank size of 7/8”x5” is required for this turning project (7/8”x5-1/4” is our standard blank size in resin and hybrid blanks making them a perfect candidate for this kit) 


Price is per one pen kit, Blanks, bushings and drill bits sold separately. Shown here in one of our resin mixes and an amboyna Burl blank 

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