Panache rollerball turning instructions

Panache Pen Kits Assembly Instructions


Supplies Needed

  •  Pen Mandrel
  • 12.5mm Drill Bit 
  •  13/32" Drill Bit 
  • Panache Pen Bushings
  • Minimum blank size of 7/8x5 will work
  • Glue (Thick CA or Epoxy)
  • Sandpaper/Finish
  • Drill or Drill Press
  • Barrel Trimmer/Disc Sander
  •  Pen Press or Clamp
  • Eye and Ear Protection

Cutting and Drilling the Pen Blank
1. Draw a  line lengthwise across the center of the blank to help maintain proper grain alignment when
2. Cut each blank slightly longer than the brass tube.
3. Using a drill press with the blank secured in a vise or clamp, drill a hole through the center of the blank stopping an 1/8" short of the bit exiting the blank.
Drill at 2,000–3,000 rpm backing the drill bit partially out of the hole every 1/2" to clear chips. When using larger bits or drilling plastics drill at 250–500 rpm.
4. Trim away a small amount of wood from the end of the blank to expose the hole. The blank should be slightly
longer than the brass tube. This technique prevents cracking caused when the bit exits the blank.
Gluing the Brass Tubes Into the Blanks
1. Lightly scuff the exterior of the brass tube with 220 grit sand paper to prepare it for gluing.
2. For a fast bond, use thick cyanoacrylate adhesive (super glue) or 5 minute epoxy. For additional working time and more thorough bond, use expanding polyurethane . Apply a thin layer of glue to the tube and inside the wood blank. Insert the tube into the blank rotating it as you go to spread the glue evenly. Position the brass tube in the blank so that the wood extends beyond the tube on both ends to allow for trimming.

Trimming/Truing the Blanks
1. Square the ends of the wood blank with the tube using either a barrel trimmer or disc sander. This step is critical for the pen components to fit together properly. Do Not trim the brass tube as this may result in an improper fit when the pen is assembled.
Mandrel Setup and Turning
1. Assemble the bushings and blanks on the pen mandrel as shown below. Be sure that the ends of the blanks with the reference mark meet together at the centre of the mandrel.

2. Advance a 60 ̊ revolving cone center into the dimpled end of the mandrel and tighten using light pressure. Do Not over tighten the tailstock or mandrel nut as this may cause the mandrel to flex resulting in off-center barrels.
3. Turn both blanks to the desired shape leaving the blanks slightly larger than the bushings. 4. Sand the blanks using progressively finer grits of sand paper, then apply the finish.

Assemble the Parts
Layout the parts as shown paying careful attention to keep the pen tubes in the same orientation as when on the mandrel. Use a vise or clamp with wood or plastic jaws to prevent damaging parts during assembly.

Tip: While removing the tubes from the mandrel, mark the inside of each brass tube where they join to maintain grain alignment during assembly.
1. Press the cap into the top of the short tube.
2. Press the cap coupler into the bottom of the short tube.
3. Press the base into the bottom of the long tube.
4. Slide the trim ring, aligned as shown below, over the unthreaded end of the nib coupler, then press them into the top of the long tube.
5. Slide the refill into the long tube, then thread the rollerball nib into place.
NOTE: These pens use a course thread for quick and smooth opening and closing. This course thread has 3 starting points. In order to have the wood grain line up, the pen must be closed using the same starting point each time.