Stainless steel coffee scoop instructions (small, Large, XL)

Stainless steel coffee scoop (small, Large, XL)

  • Requires 3/8 Drill bit
  • Stainless coffee scoop bushings 
  • Turning Blank 3/4”x3/4”x3-1/4” long 
  • glue and finish of your choice 
  • stainless steel coffee scoop kit


Prepare the blank by cutting just longer than the tube, glue in the tube using CA or Epoxy. Once dry, use a barrel trimmer or sanding jig to square the blank to the tube. Mount on the lathe with the stainless steel coffee scoop bushings and turn to your desired shape. Sand and finish with finish of your choice.


Press the end cap in one end of the blank and the scoop holder end in the other. Slide the rubber O-ring over the threaded end of the scoop and thread into the handle. Install the key ring on the end cap side, when installing the key ring a small piece of tape over the end piece can help so it doesn’t scratch the end as it slides over.