Honeybee pen kit turning instructions

Honeybee pen Kits Assembly Instructions

Required Accessories:
• 7mm pen mandrel
• 3piece Bushing Set honeybee bushings 
• 10mm & 25/64”

 • Universal Barrel Trimmer
•Live Tailstock Center
• 2 part epoxy glue or instacure glue
• Minimum Blank size: 3/4” x 3/4” x 2-5/32”
Preparing the Blanks:
• Prepare a master blank of at least 3/4” square. Cut two sections to the length of each tube. (Add 1/16” for trimming)
Mark the center of each blank.
• Drill a centered hole lengthwise through each blank.
Upper blank (shorter tube)—drill a 10mm hole through.
Lower blank (longer tube)—drill a 25/64” hole through.
• Glue each tube in the proper blank. Spread the glue over each tube. Insert the tube into the blank with a twisting motion to spread the glue evenly inside. Center each tube lengthwise inside the blank.
• When glue dries, square the ends of each blank.

 Turning the Blanks:
• Mount the bushings and blanks on the mandrel according to the Diagram above.
• Thread on the knurled nut and hand tighten to hold all components in place.
• Slide the tailstock up snugly against the mandrel shaft inserting the live center point into the mandrel dimple, lock in place.
• Hand tighten the quill adjustment to firm up the mandrel. (DO NOT overtighten, it could damage the mandrel.
• Using sharp tools, turn the blank down close to the bushing diameter. Turn the barrel (straight or to a profile of your choice)
• Sand the blank down to be flush with the bushings gradually increasing the sandpaper grits.

• Finish the barrel with your choice of polish. Allow sufficient time for the polish to cure.

 Pen Assembly
NOTE: Line up the components according to the above picture.
• Press the tip into one end of the lower tube (longer tube)
• Press the center band coupler into the opposite end of the lower tube.
• Remove the protector off the refill, insert the spring over and drop into the opening at the center band coupler.
• Screw the twist mechanism over the refill end.
• Press the center band into the end of the upper tube(shorter tube)
• Press the tube support/ cap coupler into the opposite end of the upper tube.
• Put the pen clip on the cap coupler, then screw the cap over the cap coupler.
• Engage both ends to close the gap in the center.
• The pen operates by twisting the ends to extend or retract the refill.