Cheese Knife Turning Instructions

Cheese knife kit instructions, 

What you'll need

  • 23/64 Drill bit
  • 5 Min Epoxy or glue of your choice (we recommend the epoxy for gluing handle to blade)
  • A set of calipers for measuring
  • Minimum of 7/8X7/8X5-1/4' long blank
  • Painters tape
  • Finish of your choice
  • Sand paper

1. Select a blank longer than your final desired handle length. overall size of blank needed will be dependent on how you design your final handle shape. (we recommend a minimum of 7/8x7/8x5-1/4" long)

2.Drill a   23/64 Hole approximately 1" deep in one end of the blank to fit the tang of the knife handle

3. Mount your blank between your centers and turn round, make a mark on the blank where your handle will end for a reference point to part off later 

4. On the end with the drilled hole turn a tenon to fit the collar, inside of the collar is roughly 1/2" x 1/4" deep, use your calipers to make sure the match of tenon is as exact to the collar in your kit

5. Turn the rest of the handle to your desired shape, Sand and apply your desired finish and part off the blank at the end of the handle, once removed from the lathe touch up the end of the handle as needed with some sand paper and a little more finish 

6. Use a bit of painters tape to protect the blank and blade while gluing the two together with your 5 min epoxy put some inside the hole and around the edge for the collar marry the blade and collar to your turned blank


Tips: make sure when you put the blank between centers you don't put too much pressure as you could crack the side once you have the tenon turned for the collar