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Alternate Route Coffee Bean Blank

Alternate Route Coffee Bean Blank

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Our Stabilized  coffee beans blanks are made using beans from a local roaster called Alternate Route Coffee, if you've never heard of them we highly recommend checking them out for a high quality cup of coffee

Our bean blank process involves stabilizing the coffee beans. This method is an added process but makes  the beans a lot more stable and way less Brittle when turning. The  beans are then cast in alumilite clear and colour they measure 7/8x 5-1/4" long we offer them in white and coffee cream coloured

Price is for one blank

due to the nature of coffee beans you may still find a small void here and there even after stabilizing, that's completely normal! a small dab of CA glue sorts that out.

When turning we recommend sharp tools and light cuts, keep the CA handy to touch up any spots your unsure of while you go. Take your time and enjoy your self! 

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