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Summer blend

Summer blend

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Summer flower blends measuring at 1”x1”x 5-1/4” minimum length made with real flowers and other plant life and alumilite clear. Pressure cast to 60psi. 

Each flower blank is individually hand made in Edmonton, Alberta  with a carful attention to detail on the layout for a unique final product. These blanks work especially well for things like diamond painting pens, tubeless coffee scoop, honey dipper or other none tubed  handles.

while they would also work for a tubed kit application for the best final look pick a kit which leaves the thickest body to keep the most detail in the final product as you will loose a fair bit of detail from drilling a hole as well as most kits leave things fairly thin 

Price is per blank, for a finish we recommend a CA finish and a final polish with magic juice. At the very least a few layers of CA should be used to seal any exposed plant life 

there is an example listing with pictures of some of the things that have been turned with our flower blanks in the Flowers and things section 

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