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Quadruple dye stabilized cotton wood burl

Quadruple dye stabilized cotton wood burl

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These cotton wood burl blanks are wild! In an experiment of seeing how many colours we could get into wood we created these beauty’s  

The green ones feature two shades of green, black, blue and a touch of gold. 

The more purple set is blue, green red and purple 

Blanks measure 1”x1”x6” and we’re dye stabilized using cactus juice resin and dyes. 

please note, cotton wood burl is known to have bark inclusions and while we try and make sure there are non or resin fill them there is a chance you’ll come across one when turning. CA is recommended for this.  

see attached pictures for a pen turned from each 

blanks shown wetted with water and dry 

price is per blank 

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